Why Samsung 5G Mobile Is Getting More Popular In Present 2020

 Why Samsung 5G Mobile Is Getting More Popular In Present 2020

Samsung 5G mobiles are the series for the generation of 2020. 5G is a technology of the next generation with wireless connectivity and delivering the fastest and most secure wireless network yet. This technology is going to change your life because the opportunity in it is limitless. It will change our way of business, way to communicate, means to transfer data, and other factors too. Samsung has introduced the models of 5G mobiles like Samsung Galaxy A71 and Samsung Galaxy A51. Now 5G mobiles of Samsung are presented in the US market. Most of the specifications of Samsung Galaxy A71 and Samsung Galaxy A51 are the same as 4G, but this 5g series is coming up with a more advanced processor and integrated 5G modem, samsung 5g mobile.


Samsung 5G models( Samsung galaxy A71 ad Samsung Galaxy A51 ) have features that are in demand of every smartphone user.

Samsung Galaxy A71 5G:

Display: 6.7 inches full HD
Screen type: Touch Screen
Rear Camera: 64-megapixel
Battery capacity: 4500mAh
Storage: 128GB
Expandable storage: up to 1TB via micro SD
Processor: 2.2GHz+Hexa 1.8 GHz octa-core
The fingerprint sensor: on the display
Fast charging: 25W
Depth sensor: 5 – megapixels
front camera sensor: 32 – megapixels

Samsung Galaxy A51 5G:

Display: 6.5 inches with HD result
Internal storage: 128GB
Storage expansion: up to 1TB via micro SD card
Processor Dual: 2.2 GHz + Hexa 1.8 GHz octa-core SoC
Rear Camera: 48 – Megapixels
Battery: 4500mAh
Fast charging: 15 W
Fingerprint: on the display screen
Depth sensor: 5 – megapixels
front camera sensor: 32 –megapixels

Software and Connectivity

Operating system: Android 10
Skin Touch: Wiz UI
Wi-Fi &supported: can be connected &802.11 b/g/n
GPS: yes
Bluetooth: yes
USB OTG: yes
Headphones: 3.5mm
FM: yes
No of SIM: 2
NFC & Infrared: NO
Proximity sensor: yes
Accelerometer: yes

Actual price and Resale price of Samsung 5G Mobiles (A71 & A51):

Samsung Galaxy A71 5G price in Pakistan is 45,800/-. The retail price of Samsung in $599.99, and that of India is 32,998INR. Same for the Samsung Galaxy A51 5G price in Pakistan is 38,100/-, its retail price in USD DOLLARS is $499.99.
Its resale price depends upon the condition of your phone, lowest price of Samsung Galaxy A71 5G MOBILE IS 38,700/- (for mobile of sound health), and that of in India is 28,999INR (for mobile of sound health) and similarly for Samsung Galaxy A51 5G Price in Pakistan for resale is 29,899/-(for mobile of a good condition) and resale price in India is 23,666INR. This mobile is available on other rates depending upon its version and present situation.

Samsung 5G MOBILES Reviews

About Performance and battery life:

Samsung 5G mobiles are the latest versions of Samsung electronics. Samsung 5G mobiles include Samsung Galaxy A71 and Samsung Galaxy A51. Their battery timing is perfect and supports a business person and a working man because it gives you a 2 day battery time on one charge. Because of its exciting feature, this series has gained considerable fame in the electronics industry.

Its Performance is very smooth as it can cope with heavy apps and cam run a stable whole the day despite a hefty load on it. Samsung 5G mobiles can handle all those apps you ask for and can sprint without being hanged. The public liked these mobiles the most and are now in a way to make their fame and name in the US market as they are recently launched there


The camera is an essential part of a mobile set; its pixels must be kind enough to capture a good shot. As Samsung 5G mobiles are the model of 2020, so the demand of most people of this era is a good camera with an exciting result. Samsung Galaxy A71 5G mobile has a rear camera with 64- megapixels and a front camera sensor with 5-megapixels. In the second model of 5G mobile that is Samsung Galaxy A51 5G has a rear camera of 48 – megapixels and with the front camera sensor of 5-megapixels.

Images are clear and definite, and color reproduction is very outstanding. It can capture low light situations very well while daylight shoots are packed in detail. Even tricky and small objects are achieved with defined clarity. This mobile has a camera result in competition for the mobiles of cost more than 100k. Users of 5G are quite satisfied because this version is almost filling up the box of demand of our customers.

Design and Display:

Samsung 5G Mobiles have a beautiful and fantastic metallic smart body shape with a very lightweight structure, which gives you a very classic look on holding this latest technology introduced by Samsung company. Samsung 5G mobiles have a dimension of 162.6×75.5×8.1, and they weight about 186, which is an ideal weight for a smartphone, and you can hold it in your without getting tired of its importance.

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The color of your mobile phone is crucial for its classic look. Samsung 5G mobiles are present in a different color in the market. Samsung Galaxy A71 5G will go on sale in prism cube black, prism cube silver, and prism cube blue color in the market and the same for its second model, Samsung Galaxy A51 5G will go on sale in prism cube black, prism cube white, prism cube pink color in the market. These colors are in most demand of android phone users.


Samsung Galaxy J5 does everything you could ask for. It is a solid performer as its battery timing is excellent, its new design is top-notch, and its camera is far improved than its previous series. Its Performance is as per the wish of customers. This set gives you every feature which you wish to have on your phone.

Rating of Samsung 5G Mobiles:

Samsung 5G Mobiles have got a 4.2-star rating depending upon the reviews of its users and its experts. These mobile are mostly liked because of its excellent battery timing and its smooth performance and reasonable price.


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