Want to step up you iPhone 5s? You need to read this first

 Want to step up you iPhone 5s? You need to read this first

Want to step up you IPHONE 5S You need to read this first

Apple iPhones are the one which is always loved by everyone due to its latest technology and better hardware and software. If we talk about iPhone 5s, it is very reliable, easy to use, and fast. The iPhone 5s was released in 2012 and is indeed a brilliant phone. Apple iPhone 5s is still the best phone because Apple is still a reliable company that always gives its best to you. iPhone 5s is very easy to use, easy to handle and has the best apps.

Features of iPhone 5s:

If we talk about iPhone 5s, it has amazing features. Some of them are listed below:

  • brand: Apple
  • Display: 4”
  • Ram: 1 GB.
  • Storage: 16GB.
  • OS: ios 7.
  • Colors: black, golden, silver, grey.
  • Touchscreen.
  • 640 x 1136 pixel.
  • Don’t have expandable storage.

Amazing apps:

As compared to Galaxy 5s, which is also liked by people a lot, iphone 5s is good in quality-wise due to ios framework. Some people also use iPhone 5 in place of iPhone 5s, but it is cheaper in quality as compared to iphone 5s. iphone 5s is also liked by its features and amazing build in apps. In addition, many of the mobile phones and smartphones have crapware but iphone 5s don’t have crapware, so making it more comfortable to use.

Resale value:

When you are purchasing a mobile, the rate of mobile always matters. After a specific time period, user always gets tired to his mobile phone and want to buy new one. One of the benefits of iphone 5s is that it has very good resale value. So, after purchasing and using it, you can sell the phone in reasonable price of your choice, which increases its market value. As it was released in 2012, its price on that time was almost 200$. When iphone 6 was released, many of the users of iphone 5s, who wanted to upgrade their mobile phones, sells their iphone 5s. They traded iphone 5s for iphone 6 and they sells their phones in almost 220$. This is a very plus factor of iphone 5s, which increases its market value.


ios stands for iphone operating system. One of the reason that why you buy iphone 5s is that Apple regularly updates ios, even to its older version. Apple regularly makes ios and update it to their users. Iphone 5s users don’t have to worry about this update, as company look after this all system by itself.

Iphone 5s support:

The one more reason that why you would love iphone 5s is that it has support for its users. Unlike other android users, iphone has many stores and offices and have staffs which will deals with the iphone problems by themselves. Without making any appointment, they will listen to your problem related to iphone and will solve it by themselves. But in case of android phones, you are not entertained with such support.

Iphone 5s case:

when you are purchasing a phone, one thing that matters is its cases and accessories. If we speak about iphone 5s, it has no of cases and many other accessories. If we say about cases, apart from making mobile looks good, it also protect your mobiles from any physical hazard and shock. Iphone 5s is handy mobile and after covering it in case, it doesn’t increases in size. On the other side, other androids are already so big hat after covering them in mobile cases, they will become so big to handle.
So, from above all discussion, it is clear that buying an iphone 5s still makes a sense. If you have a close look on market, it is the last small phone that you can buy. So, iphone 5s is small, inexpensive, and still very useful.

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