Notre Dame Fighting Irish – Football 2020

 Notre Dame Fighting Irish – Football 2020


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The school of Notre dame was built in 1842 by father Edward Sauron, but the foundation of their football team was first laid in 1887. They had their first game in November 1887 against Michigan, and the Irish lost their first game, but after that defeat Irish made their comeback in 1988’s final season, where they defeated Harvard school with 20-0. It was a small team back then, but their spirit was so strong, and in 1909 their vision got the voice when two students of Notre Dame, John Shea and his brother Michael wrote the song, “cheer to all the Notre Dame.”

Head coaches

Past head coach

  • Knute Rockne

In 1918 Rockne became the head coach of Notre Dame fighting Irish. He became the 1st highest winning percentage of any college. He has a record of 105 wins, 12 losses, and five ties. In his 13 years of service, he won 3 championships in 1919, 1924, and 1929. And in 1925 Irish Wo—Rose bowl. And had five undefeated seasons.

  • Frank Leahy

He is another coach who took fighting Irish to another level of success after Rockne. He was also a football player in that era of Knute Rockne. Leahy is the 2nd coach of any college with the highest winning percentage after Rockne withe the record of 87 wins, 11 losses, and nineties. He won 4 national championships in 1943, 1946, 1947, and 1948. During the world war, II Leahy served the US navy.

  • Ara Parseghian

He was the head coach of North-western before he was appointed as the head coach of Notre Dame. He was also like Rockne and Leahy. He bought back the team at the same level as before it was at Rockne and Leahy era. These three coaches combined make the 80% of Notre Dame winning percentage.
Parseghian served for 11 years and recorded 95 wins, 17 losses, and four ties. He got two national championships.

Current Head Coach

  • Brian Kelly

Kelly was appointed as 31 head coach on 10th December 2015. Kelly lost his first game as the head coach of fighting Irish to Michigan with a 28 – 24. He had ten wins in five seasons that match Lou Holtz. He is the only coach to win the home deport coach of the year award.

Why the name fighting Irish

The term fighting Irish was given to the team a long ago when the team was not much known in the college football, but after the bitter struggle of the team in the field, the name fighting Irish shine a lot more.
In 1927 the university president Rev. Matthew Walsh officially announced the name “Fighting Irish.”
Fighting Irish Mascot – leprechaun
Notre Dame leprechaun is the official mascot of fighting Irish. The fairy is the supernatural little bearded man from Ireland folktale, famous for playing tricks on those they meet.
Notre Dame Fighting Irish logo is the side view of a leprechaun, who is ready for anyone that comes in his way with his fists up.
The leprechaun became the official mascot and published in time magazine in 1965, designed by sports artist Theodore W. Drake.


  • USC

The main rival of Notre dame fighting Irish is the Trojans of the University of Southern California. They have been playing against each other since 1926, and until now, they are the top rival of each other.
The origin of the series is often referred to as “conversation between wives.”
When the USC was looking for the national rival, the president of USC, he sent Wilson and his wife to the Lincoln, Nebraska, where the head coach of fighting Irish had the Thanksgiving game. Rockne ignored the idea of playing with USC, but Mrs. Wilson approached the wife of Rockne to persuade Knute Rockne for the game, and so the rivalry began.
The all-time series between fighting Irish and USC from 2017 to 2019 is 47-5-36. Norte Dame has always been a step ahead of USC in college football.

  • Navy

The rivalry between Notre Dame and Navy bad been played since 1927. Norte Dame leads the all-time series with an 88-1-13 score.
During the world war, II Notre Dame faced a lot of financial problems, so the US navy selected them for their training center and paid more dame university quite enough to survive. And since then, Notre dame gave the open invitation to play the game with fighting Irish as they repay if debut.
The games between Notre Dame and nave are mostly played at the Same stadium because of the small size of the navy – marine corps memorial stadium.


The fighting Irish claim 11 national championship in years 1919, 1924, 1929, 1930, 1943, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1964, 1966, 1973, 1977, 1988. But these are also considered 13 in total.
The last time the Notre Dame Fighting Irish won the championship was in 1988 with the head coach, Lou Holtz. It was against West Virginia.
Moreover, seven Irish fighting players have won the Heisman trophy until now.
Notre dame fighting Irish also won 8 wire services national championships.

Fighting Irish – Football schedule

Norte Dame football schedule starts from Saturday, 5 September 2020. It was delayed due to COVID – 19 pandemic.
Saturday, Sep 5
Saturday, Oct 17
Saturday, Sep 12
Saturday, Oct 31
Saturday, Sep 19
Western Michigan
Saturday, Nov 7
Saturday, Sep 26
Wake Forest
Saturday, Nov 14
Georgia Tech
Saturday, Oct 3
Saturday, Nov 21
Saturday, Oct 10
Saturday, Nov 28

Notre Dame Stadium

Notre Dame Stadium is one of the famous football venues for college football with 77,622 seats. It is on the southern side of the Notre Dame University campus. Its was built after the success of the Rockne team in 1930.
The Fighting Irish have played 249 consecutive games in that stadium. The Osborn Engineering company designed it. And the total construction costs $750,000.

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