Is Live Cricket Online the Most Trending thing Now?

 Is Live Cricket Online the Most Trending thing Now?

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Cricket has originated from South East England in the late 16th century and became the national game in the 18th century. There was a time when cricket is only played in England, but now it is more famous in South Asia, from kids to youngsters or old, everyone is fond of this game.
In the past, there was a massive crowd in live cricket online fields, when cricket tournaments were running. Although it’s a modern era, the population rate grew up, and cricket fields were still crowded. Cricket lovers gathered from all over the world, but it also a reign of new technology.
Several Broadcast mediums broadcast the live matches.

Traditional Broadcast Mediums:-

From the past few decades, it was the trend to broadcast live cricket matches through traditional broadcast mediums like Television(TV) and Radio stations, Newspapers and Magazines, etc. Some people think that watching live cricket on TV is more comfortable than watching infield. Some villagers still love to listen to live streaming of cricket matches via radio, but it’s rare. Now everyone has access to TV.
TV has played a notable role in the game of cricket to be a famous sport.

Internet and Social Media:-

The Internet gave a brand new look for every sport.
Technology has improved today, and even modern televisions provide excellent facilities and better quality of services.
The Internet has become one of the main concerns in sports media. People have been watching, playing sports for centuries, but from the past few decades, the entire world of entertainment has changed.
The Internet helped players connect them with their fans—matches schedule posts on the Internet, and more and more people participating in games. With Internet technology, sports and culture continuously changing, it gives a new look to every sport.
Every minute, millions of people rise on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Cricket lovers connect, share match results, and support his/her team. Different bloggers and YouTubers check daily facts of cricket and share them online with others.
Cricket fans engaged with each other on social media, sharing their points of view and analyzing the game. They can criticize more accurately by joining group discussions.

“The Internet and social media
has leveled the playing field
for everyone to participate
and speak out.”
Said Rajesh Tiwary.

Live Streaming Of Cricket Matches:-

Live stream of cricket on social media is a great platform, and it captures a lot of people’s attention, all cricket fans with each other enjoy matches at the same time from different places.
Dozens of live streaming held throughout all the social networks. Millions of people participate in live streaming through these sites. More people join in watching cricket. The live streaming of cricket makes the game spicier.
Internet streaming does reach a broad audience. Various cricket fan clubs trend on social media. Fan clubs are the easiest way to get information about their team, match results, and next scandals.
Different applications are available for live streaming of cricket; you have to pay them for their services and reduce any problem. You can enjoy your own or your friends while watching a cricket match on your Cellphone, iPad, PCs, etc. Online cricket streaming is the latest and also the best trend among others.

Why online cricket is the most trending thing now?

Live cricket online is the most popular now for almost all cricket lovers. It reduces the chances of clashes between family members; it happened when they are watching a match at a single TV set. Each family member supports his/her favorite player, and it brings different family clashes. The live streaming of cricket reduces this chance.

Fewer chances to miss any part of the game:

“Cricket is more than a religion for most countries.”
It was a time when people miss their offices or work to enjoy cricket matches. People were frustrated that they would lose the game due to some reasons or circumstances. But now this trend has changed, if you miss the chance to watch the cricket match on TV, you can enjoy live cricket streaming online.
Cricket is a game. Every moment is essential and nail-biting. A sixer may be a catch; a player might be run out an infraction of the moment. You can miss any small part of the game on TV when you are away from TV for your work, but online cricket streaming reduces this chance. You’ll never miss any fraction of second; you can view updates in streaming while doing your other work. Also, you can enjoy recorded matches.

HD Quality Live Streaming:-

As you paid for those sites, you can enjoy HD quality live cricket streaming. While on TV you have to subscribe to another channel for better quality. But in live streaming online, you don’t have to pay any other cable connection to get HD quality live streaming.

Cheap and affordable:

Compared to those traditional mass media, it cost less nowadays to enjoy the online live streaming of cricket. For watching live cricket online, you have to pay very less to the application or site rather than as TV and cable bills.

Your time is precious:

What if a cricket match starts and you have a lot of work to do? Are you in the office, and your job is also essential? But you don’t want to neglect a cricket match?
For those busy people, online cricket matches are significant and easy to watch.
You can enjoy the game while doing your work, at your office, at home on your Cellphone. Live cricket online is a more significant advantage for us; we don’t need to ignore the match and do our work peacefully. Nowadays, people are more busy doing hectic work there’s only a chance to enjoy watching their favorite sport. So, they prefer online live cricket.
Every game is exciting and keeps updating us on what is happening in the field. Trends always keep changing, and for most people, it is hard to follow new directions. Live cricket online is in pattern now, and during the ICC World Cup, this trend will be on its peak.

Written by: Nimra Ishfaq

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