How Karate And Taekwondo Can Help You Improve Your Health 2020

 How Karate And Taekwondo Can Help You Improve Your Health 2020

Karate And Taekwondo:


Taekwondo and Karate are two physical and mental martial arts. These both are about full-body workout, which can build muscles.
These both are now Olympic sports. Karate will be added in 2020 games in Tokyo, and Taekwondo was introduced in 2000 games.
For Self defense, Korea and Japan have introduced two different terms is Karate, and the second one is Taekwondo. I was practicing martial arts physical and mental health benefits. Karate and Taekwondo are two commonly practiced forms of martial arts. Korea Karate introduced Japan introduced Taekwondo. Taekwondo is more about kicking techniques, while Karate is all about hands movement skills.


Karate is a Japanese martial art. Japan introduced Karate for fighting and self- defense. The word Karate is a mixture of two kanji; Kara means empty, TE means hand and KARATE means empty hand, so it defines that it is a total way of life which is made for self-defense issues.
Taekwondo is a Korean military practice. In history, it was adapted for military and non-military purposes, for personal growth. Taekwondo teaches about fight and self-defense techniques. TAE means to break with the hand. KWON says to break with the foot and DO means way of life, So it means the direction of the foot and hand.


Karate’s father is Okinawan, he introduced Karate in 1922, and Taekwondo was introduced in Korea, and it is 2000 years old. Karate and Taekwondo are both about different “stances.” But there is a need to know that the essential point that is holding stances for a more extended period will not be helpful in an actual fight. Both will work effectively when the Fight movements must flow quickly from one to the next. The learner will learn the ways to punch, kick, and block an opponent in both.


  • In Karate, there is more use of hands and less use of legs, so legs mostly stay grounded, and kicks are used as a backup.
  • In Taekwondo, there is more use of braces, and it involves kicking, jumping, and spinning, and hands are used as a backup.


  • Karate features kicks, punches, knee/ elbow strikes. Karate teaches practitioners the use of striking and kicking, and they take hard training for the development of perfect fighting skills.
  • Taekwondo is basically about kicking techniques, and that is the main difference between both. Why is kicking the essential tool? Because there is a theory that leg is the most potent weapon, that is why Taekwondo is about kicks. Thus, it develops strength, stamina, and speed. It is required for a taekwondo student to wear a uniform with a belt according to their rank, which is tied around their waist.


  • karate was originated around 500 years ago. People believe that when King banned the use of weapons on the island, then people got a new technique to defend themselves, and that was Karate. Although we don’t have any written evidence.
  • Taekwondo was introduced in Korea, and it is 2000 years old. Choi Hong Hi used the name Tae Kwon Do in 1957, and The Korea Taekwondo Association (KTA) was established in 1959 for this purpose. Seven years later. Then, in 1966, the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF) was established, the governing body for Taekwondo’s first unified style. In 1973, World TAEKWONDO FEDERATION was established for promoting Taekwondo.


  • Taekwondo is more about kicking techniques, and they use kicks as their primary weapon. But Karate tends to mix kicks and punches, so it is all about punches.
  • Taekwondo is about kicking techniques, and there is less use of hands while Karate focuses on sides.
  • In both the postures are different, movements are various, in fact, every move is unusual.
  • The main difference is that Taekwondo is an Olympic sport, while Karate is not.
  • Taekwondo was originated in Korea while Karate was originated in Japan.


If you want to learn about Karate and Taekwondo and are confused about which one is best, check out these points according to your needs, and they will guide you well.

  • Check the Facility.
  • atmosphere.
  • class schedule.

And there are so many factors that can be checked according to your needs.


  • There are names match, Karate-Do, and Taekwondo-Do.
  • Both are selected for the Olympic Games.
  • Karate’s leading organization is these, World Karate Federation, Japan Karate Federation, etc. For Taekwondo, we also have these organizations World Taekwondo Federation, etc., so both have organizations.
  • Karate and Taekwondo have a historical background. Karate began in the 5th century while Taekwondo started in Korea, 2000 years ago, during the period of 37 BC- 668AD.


In Karate, there are two levels of belts;

  • Pre-black Belt Levels and Black belt Levels. Pre- black has white, orange, yellow, blue, purple, and brown belts. For the higher rank, there are examinations before the judge’s panel. After this level, the black belt level starts. There are eight degrees in the black belt.
  • The ranks for Taekwondo are separated into four sections; junior, senior, student, and instructor. Jumping from one position to another, students are required to go through promotion tests. The top part has nine levels, and for black belts, the promotion takes years.


Karate was developed 500 years ago on the Japanese island of Okinawa when it confiscated all weapons and fought back with bare hands and feet, and as a result, Karate was born. Taekwondo was introduced in Korea and was presented the first time in the 6th century when the King prohibited the use of weapons. Nowadays, both are considered popular fight tools and are selected for the Olympic games.

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