Henry Belford Career History in Detailed Article 2020

 Henry Belford Career History in Detailed Article 2020

Henry Calthorpe Belford

They say
Champions keep playing until they get it right.” by henry belford
Born on 23 September 1939, Henry Blofeld was given the nickname of Blowers. He was named this nick by Brian Johnston.

Henry Calthorpe Blofeld is an English resigned journalist on sports’ niche, a broadcaster, and an amateur ornithologist. What makes him well-reputed is being known as a cricket commentator for Test Match Special on BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra. He has set up fame for being a reporter with a highlight, jargon, and sentence structure. A structure that is typical Old Etonian both in style and substance. He additionally composes on cricket too. Henry Blofeld has created eight books until today.

Henry Belford Career History


  • Henry Blofeld got an education at the following institutions.
  • Sunningdale School
  • Eton College
  • King’s College Cambridge.
  • By an innings”, he was failed in both the final exam of him.

School-level cricket:

Henry Blofeld kept on playing at both of his educational institutions, Sunningdale as well as Eton. For the first XI, he was the wicket-keeper at Eton. He had an outstanding career as a cricketer playing at school. In 1956, he was succeeded in scoring 104 and remained not out for the Public Schools Team, which was playing against Combined Services. When he was appointed as the captain in the final year at Eton, he came across an accident. His bicycle got a hit by bus passing by. This mishap left him in an unconscious state for almost about 28 days.

Cambridge’s first-class cricket:

Although, the injuries he got in an accident made him cut off his cricket career. But he did not give up. Henry Blofeld kept on playing. Primarily, he played first-class matches 16 times. He played for Cambridge University, in the duration of 1958 and 1959.

Henry Blofeld was unable to make fame as a wicket-keeper for a long time. He kept on playing only when Chris Howland, who was everyone’s choice, was not available at the moment. So, in other words, Henry Blofeld remained their second choice. He played five first-class matches in 1958 and 11 during 1959. Out of all these, he made his way in keeping wicket only in four of all these.

He played for the University fixtures, in 1959. These plays included the Varsity Match, which was played against Oxford. As an opener batsman of the sorts, he won ‘Blue’ there. According to himself Blofeld, it was the worst Blue awarded since the war.

He was succeeded in making his only century in the first-class in July of 1959. At the Lord’s, it was played against the MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club). He attended King’s College and Cambridge too. But Without receiving any degree, henry belford left after the two years had passed.

Sports journalism career:

Blofeld started working at the Merchant Bank Robert Benson Lonsdale. He worked there for almost three years. Meanwhile, he got to realize that this job did not suit his interest. And, he shuffled his career to start journalism for sports.

He started reporting at the England Tour to India during 1963-1964, notably The Guardian. He was too close to being selected as the emergency batsman in the place of the ill Mickey Stewart. It was for the 2nd Test being played at the Bombay. He got to know by David Clark that he might get a chance to play. But when the day of the Test arrived, Stewart got discharged from the hospital and played even if he was ill.

After the first day’s tea time, Stewart was again sent back to the hospital in an emergency. This mishap did cut off his way in the journey to play on the tour.
Until 1972, Blofeld continued working as a print journalist. Meanwhile, he had joined the Test Match Special Team.
In the 1960s, he gained an experience to do commentary on ITV as well.

Test match career:

Blofeld has been a customary commentator at TMS since 1972, aside from a period at BSkyB from 1991 to 1994. His plummy voice portrays Blofeld’s cricket discourse and his peculiar notice of additional insights about the scene, including things, for example, development cranes or quantities of pink shirts in the group. After the tea and mid-day break, he is additionally known to talk for expanded timeframes about the food on offer, accurately cakes, with infrequent interferences to depict the circumstance on the field. He likewise utilizes the expression “my dear old thing.”

Since 2006 he has commented less now and again, he missed the 2007 World Cup. Although, he had secured the first services of the two going before World Cups in 2003 and 1999 for TMS.

Throughout the mid-year 2008 season, he continued a full commentating share on Tests, and ODIs.

Blofeld skipped the 2009 home test against South Africa. He has yet returned for the 2010 home series, which were to be played against Pakistan. He didn’t cover the Ashes arrangement in Australia during 2010–11. However, they returned for the Indian visit through England in Summer 2011. In January 2012, he rejoined the TMS team. There, he covered England’s tour through the United Arab Emirates against Pakistan. He included the harvest time 2012 England visit through India.

In 1995, Blofeld was reproached for an allegedly antisemitic comment during live on-air on Test Match Special, when he was broadcasting from Headingly. He alluded to spectators watching a match from the gallery of a tall structure outside the ground at Headingley as being at “the Jewish end.” Blofeld and the BBC were sorry for the compliment.

On 23 June 2017, Blofeld declared his retirement as a BBC Test Match Special commentator. His last test analysis was when England played West Indies at Lord’s on 9 September 2017. He was given overwhelming applause over the ground of the match.

Outside sports career:

In 2003, an OBE was awarded to Henry Blofeld because of his broadcasting services.

The next year, he showed up alongside Fred Trueman in the “Tertiary Phase” of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy radio arrangement playing himself. Blofeld has composed a mostly personal book entitled My Dear Old Thing: Talking Cricket. He attempts a “Night With Blowers” dramatic show, which has visited everywhere throughout the UK, just as numerous other open talking commitment. Along with TMS producer Peter Baxter, he tours with the showy show Memories of Test Match Special from 2013. His fourth book was given the name of Squeezing the Orange.

In November 2003, Blofeld had a chance to be the castaway on Desert Island Discs with his preferred choice being the classic Brian Johnston and Jonathan Agnew TMS exchange “Getting your leg over.”

Except for cricket, Blofeld’s preferred leisure activity is “drinking wine,” trailed by “eating food” and “hanging out.” He has his own Côtes du Rhône label, which he showcases as Blowers’ Rhône and unashamedly advances this during his limited showy visit shows An Evening With Blowers, that he, for the most part, performs during the close cricket season. The show has been recorded on DVD and CD. He frequently wears strikingly hued outfits, which he credits to incomplete, partial blindness.

70th Birthday celebration:

He got his 70th Birthday celebration where there were 2000 paying guests. This celebration happens at the Royal Albert Hall. He appeared on the stage with his close friends, including fellow commentators, sports journalists, celebrities, and his brother Sir John Blofeld, the former High Court Judge.

Personal life:

Belford married thrice and got two of his marriages divorced. His daughter Suki, who was born in 1964, was from his first wife. He got separated from his second wife, a Swedish lady, Bitten, in 2007.

In an interview in 2013, he revealed his marriage with Valeria, Who was an Italian woman. In 1999, henry belford was diagnosed with angina. He had a double heart bypass operation. Blofeld was given his last rites because of being nearly died in the ICU during the process.

Blofeld has his residence in Chelsea. In 2013, ‘Squeezing the Orange,’ his autobiography was published. This book puts a light on his personal as well as professional life and career.

In 2017, another book ‘Over and Out’ was published, which depicts his experience during his career with Test Match Special Team.

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