Best mobile in pakistan 2020

 Best mobile in pakistan 2020

Best mobile in pakistan 2020

When we talk about mobiles, then in human history, it is the most important technological discovery. Mobile has a great impact on human life as they are an integral part of their personalities nowadays. Mobiles are the life-changing discovery in human life, as they make life more productive, connect people more closely, and make ease in life. So, if we talk about the best mobile in pakistan 2020, there comes:

So here is the list of best mobile in pakistan 2020. The features that make a mobile best among all are its battery timing, great specs, its speed, security, and other features.

Apple iPhone x:

So, the first mobile in the best list is Apple iPhone x. Apple smartphones are loved by each and everyone from a long time ago. But the features in Apple iPhone X are just more than amazing.

  • It has an amazing and gorgeous OLED screen (super Retina).
  • Great security system with facial recognition.
  • Amazing portrait selfies.
  • Amazing Glass body.
  • Fits comfortably in hand have a size of almost 5.8 inches.
  • It doesn’t have a home button, so have a face ID.
  • Its face ID also works in dark, which is its amazing feature.
  • The one the most important feature in it is that it is water-resistant.
  • It can take pictures underwater.
  • 1125 x 2436 pixels.
  • It has 64 or 256 GB storage.
  • 3GB Ram.
  • Great sound system.
  • Battery timing is just more than amazing. 50% in just 30 minutes. Talk time is almost twenty-one hours.
  • In the case of music play, 60h.
  • The price is almost 144,999 PKR.

Huawei p40:

  • It has a 6.58” OLED screen.
  • It has an aluminum frame with a front and back glass body.
  • It has 128 or 256 GB memory.
  • It has 8 GB Ram.
  • Fast and smooth working with a gorgeous display.
  • Good security system with facial recognition and fingerprint.
  • Available in different amazing colors including black, white, deep-sea blue, silver, and Blush Gold.
  • Amazing sound system with 32-bit/384kHz audio.
  • Dust and water-resistant.
  • 1200 x 2640 pixels.
  • Weights almost 209 grams.
  • The price is almost 164,999 PKR.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite:

Samsung is always a likable smartphone by everyone and is considered as the king of all android smartphones. It has a good portfolio which is always giving special offerings affordable mobile price in pakistan with low budgets. Some of the specifications of Samsung Galaxy S10 lite are:

  • An amazing display with 6.7”.
  • Ram is almost 8 GB.
  • Its storage is 128 GB.
  • The front camera is of 32MP.
  • Pixels are 1080 x 2400.
  • Good security system with facial recognition and fingerprint sensor.
  • Dual sim. Nano in each.
  • Its price is almost 109,999PKR.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 lite:

Samsung smartphones are always loved by people due to its AMOLED display and its quiet big screens. Some of the specific features that drag people to but Samsung Galaxy Note10 lite are:

  • Its display is of 6.7”.
  • 1080×2400 pixels.
  • Amazing AMOLED touchscreen, which is its quite attractive feature.
  • Dual sim.
  • Weights almost of 198g.
  • It is available in the color of red, blue, black, and white.
  • The front camera of 32MP.
  • The memory is of 128GB.
  • 8GB Ram.
  • Fingerprint security.

Oppo Reno 3 Pro:

Oppo smartphones are loved by people because it is a fashionable device so that they can gain the attention of the audience. In a very short time, oppo becomes the most selling best mobile in pakistan 2020. Here are some of the features of Oppo Reno3 pro:

  • The display is of 6.4”
  • Attractive AMOLED touchscreen.
  • Dual sim.
  • Good sound system.
  • 128 or 256 GB memory.
  • 8GB Ram.
  • 1080 x 2400 pixels.
  • It has a plastic frame, with a plastic back, and Glass front.
  • Weighs almost 175g.
  • Available in different and attractive colors including Sky white, and Midnight Black.
  • It is available in 64,999PKR.
  • Samsung Galaxy A30:
  • Super AMOLED screen.
  • Its display is 6.4 inches.
  • Its RAM is 4 GB.
  • 1080×2340 pixels.
  • Dual sim.
  • It has a plastic frame, with a plastic back, and Glass front.
  • It weighs almost 165g.
  • It has 32 or 64 GB memory.
  • Fingerprint security.
  • Available in different colors including red, black, white, and blue.
  • Available in Pakistan at a reasonable price of almost 37,999PKR.

Samsung Galaxy S8:

  • It has a display of 5.8”.
  • It has a Ram of 4 GB.
  • 1400×2960 pixels.
  • Weights almost of 155g.
  • It has an Aluminum frame, with glass front and back.
  • AMOLED touchscreen.
  • Good sound system.
  • Available in different amazing Colors.
  • Available in 54,249PKR.

Oppo A83:

Oppo is the fastest-growing series best mobile in Pakistan 2020 due to its amazing features and reasonable mobile prices in pakistan.

  • The display is 5.7 inches.
  • 720×1440 pixels.
  • Weighs almost 143g.
  • It has an aluminum frame with an aluminum back and glass front.
  • LCD touchscreen.
  • Available in different colors including gold, black, red, and Blue.
  • Storage of 16 to 32 GB.
  • Ram of 2GB.
  • Dual sim.
  • Available in 22,000 PKR.

Oppo F7:

Here again, the Oppo F series was loved by all people due to its amazing camera effects. Its selfie camera is one of the most amazing features which is best loved among all. The some among all the amazing features of OPPO F7 are:

  • Display screen of 6.23 inches.
  • It has 4 GB of RAM.
  • Metal back.
  • Dual sim. Both Nano.
  • Weighs almost 158g.
  • 1080×2280 pixels.
  • 64 or 128 GB storage.
  • 6 GB Ram.
  • Fingerprint sensor.

Available in different colors including solar Red, Diamond Black, and Moonlight Silver.
It has a plastic frame with a plastic back and a glass front.

One plus 8 Pro:

One plus company has its own achievements as they published a first-ever wireless charger. The company claims that it can charge your mobile within 30 minutes, so making it the fastest wireless charger. Some of the features of One plus 8 Pro are:

  • It has a screen of 6.7”.
  • AMOLED touchscreen.
  • It has an aluminum frame with a glass front and back.
  • Dual sim.
  • 128 or 256 GB memory.
  • 8 GB or 12 GB Ram.
  • Fingerprint sensors.
  • Available in glacial green and Oynx Black.
  • The price is 149,999PKR.
    So, these are some of the shortlisted smartphones that are loved by all people and is among most sell and best mobiles in Pakistan 2020.

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